Drinking Water News: Water Pollution Solution Capable of Removing 23 Tons of Trash Daily, West Virginians Send Clean Water to Detroit, EPA Faces Clean Water Act & Fracking Challenges, Algae Bloom Tips for Dog Owners and Girl Scout Wins Gold Award For Clean Water Project

by admin on July 30, 2014

An unfortunate truth is that water pollution will always exist, in some way, shape or form.  As such, it’s critical that we commit to creating the types of solutions most suitable to do battle with this never-ending issue. In Maryland, one such invention is proving its worth as just such a solution.

Created by scientist John Kellet, the Water Wheel is a wheel connected to a conveyor belt that looks similar to an actual mill house.  Using a debris raking system, the Water Wheel lifts trash and debris out of the water, using power from only the water that flows through it and a solar generator.  In a recent test conducted between May 16 and June 16th, the Water Wheel processed 46 metric tons of trash in Baltimore’s harbor.  More impressive, this test suggested that the Water Wheel could be capable of processing 23 tons daily, if placed in waters with higher trash density.

See the Water Wheel in action at the video above and see images showing more of its inner workings in the corresponding article published by The Mind Unleashed.

In Other Drinking Water News:

West Virginians Bring Drinking Water to DetroitCharleston, WV Group Sends Clean Drinking Water To Detroit
In last week’s news post, we shared more about water being shut-off to more than 17,000 low income homes and businesses in Detroit.  Now, a group from West Virginia is offering their help to those impacted.  In a great follow-up from this week, members of the Keeper of the Mountains Foundation are making a trip from Charleston to Detroit, with 1,000 gallons of clean drinking water in tow.  “West Virginians know what it means to lose access to clean water,” organization president Paul Corbit Brown comments, citing the MCHM contamination incident from earlier this year that impacted hundreds of thousands of West Virginians.  “This may be literally a drop in a very empty bucket, but if it encourages others – particularly those in the better off suburbs of Detroit – to do the same thing, those drops can turn into a river of desperately needed help.”

EPA LogoEPA Experiences Challenges Enforcing Clean Water Act & Regulating Fracking
A pair of stories from the last week share more on the challenges being experienced by our Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.)  Naveena Sadasivam, writing for ProPublica, shares more on the frustrating level of push-back the agency receives when trying to enforce the Clean Water Act in an atmosphere where its level of authority is not being clarified by those Congressional leaders in power.  Somewhat ironically, Philadelphia Magazine shares this update on a report from the Government Accountability Office stating that the EPA has fallen short in its duties to regulate the fracking efforts of oil and gas companies.  Learn more about the level of challenges this agency must face in an effort to protect our resources in the two articles linked above.

Clark Says No to Algae BloomsBetter Know Seasonal Algae Blooms To Better Protect Your Dog
We’ve commented several times on the dangers that seasonal algae blooms can pose to dogs, most of whom prefer nothing more than to cool off with a dip in a pond, regardless of what may be lurking inside.  This year’s algae situation is no better, as at least one instance of a dog’s death was reported in our home state of Minnesota.  For those of you that have dogs, especially those of you living in or traveling to areas with open pond water, we highly encourage you to read these two new articles: The Edmonton Journal shares the first piece, offering five things to know about blue-green algae, while Central Kentucky News offers advice regarding what to do if your dog should be exposed to this toxic substance.  The face above thanks you in advance for staying up to date on how get your dog through another late summer algae season.

Minnesotans Demand Clean Water & Clean Fish
In a story from our backyard, the Star Tribune reports on a survey sent out to residents by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, asking respondents to cite their top water quality concerns.  While many admitted to not being knowledgeable on water quality – there was one issue that stood out regardless: clean water for the consumption of fish matters first and foremost.  Read more about this survey, and learn more about why Minnesotans place greater importance on clean water for fish consumption than they do for either drinking or swimming, in the article above.

Northern Illinois University Staffer Went Two Years Without Conducting Water Quality Tests
In a shocking but true story, a Northern Illinois University staffer tasked with conducting water quality tests for the campus went two full years without completing this assignment.  The staffer has been placed on leave and the university reiterates that no health risk was posed by this lack of testing.  All we can think to say in response is, ‘but still…’

Analise Giobbi Wins Girl Scout Gold Award For Clean Water ProjectClean Water Awareness Project Wins Girl Scout A Gold Award
Congratulations to Analise Giobbi of Connecticut who recently won a Girl Scout Gold Award for creating pamphlets sharing more about water-borne diseases that will be distributed in Guatemala and throughout Central America.  Giobbi’s work will both help local residents directly, but also inspired HELPING HANDS Medical Missions to collect donations of water filters for other villages.  The Ridgefield Daily Voice shares more on what the future holds for this promising young scout.

WaterFilters.NET In The News:

WQA LogoWaterFilters.NET Team Members Achieve WQA Certification
As reported last week, WaterFilters.NET team members Tammy Poncelet, a Customer Service Agent, and Mike Yanke, Content Manager (and author of this post!) have achieved professional certification from the Water Quality Association (WQA.)  By achieving these certifications, both have shown their commitment to providing WaterFilters.NET customers with the highest level of water knowledge, every step of the way.

Water Filtration Product of the Week:  Drinking Water Test Kits

WaterSafe Well Water Test KitFeatured here in past news posts, there’s never really a bad time to discuss the peace of mind that a good water test kit can provide.

Water test kits available on our online store range in price from affordable do-it-yourself kits to more advanced laboratory testing.  Either version is great to have around whether you are a well water user conducting yearly or biannual tests and maintenance or live in an area where water alerts are increasingly common.

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