Drinking Water News You Need: 10% Off Orders For Charleston Residents, Smart Technology Helps Bring Clean Water To Philippines, Houston Resident Drinks Dirty Water On Purpose and WaterFilters.NET Honored By Minnesota Business Community

by admin on January 10, 2014

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In a rapidly developing story that broke overnight, a chemical spill in West Virginia has left 200,000 residents of the Charleston area and surrounding counties with unsafe tap water.

If you are in the impacted areas, do not use your tap water for drinking, cooking, cleaning or bathing until given the all clear by officials.  The video above provides information current as of this morning, but as this story continues to develop, we urge you to continue to monitor the latest news updates.

When the spill is contained, it is critical that anyone in the area change all water filters in use as soon as possible.  To help those impacted, we are offering 10% off any orders placed by those in the Charleston, West Virginia area.  When placing your order online at WaterFilters.NET, use the code ‘VIRGINIA’ at check-out.  You may also call us directly at 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

In Other Drinking Water News:

WaterStep Brings Water Purifiers To PhilippinesSmart Technology Bringing Clean Drinking Water Back to the Philippines
We’ve shared links to several large organizations offering relief to the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan.  But as Fast Company reports above, some smaller organizations are just as integral towards relief efforts.  One such organization is WaterStep, a Louisville, KY organization that has deputized dozens of students to act as water couriers and deliver 60 chlorine generator kits to the hardest hit regions of the country.  These water purification devices, called M-100 Chlorine Generators, were developed by two retired GE engineers and can help to purify up to 10,000 gallons of water daily using something as small as a car battery as a power source.  Learn more about WaterStep’s mission, and the M-100 water purification device, in the story above.

As always, we encourage you to donate to Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts if you are able.  You can do so by donating to WaterStep on their site.

Instapure F-5C Chrome Faucet FilterFunky Tasting Drinking Water Hits Two Areas
Residents in parts of South Carolina and Oklahoma were suffering through events this week that left their drinking water tasting funky to say the least.

In South Carolina’s northern Beaufort County, a temporary error in the water treatment process left the drinking water of 60,000 to 80,000 customers exposed to algae, resulting in an unpleasant ‘earthy’ taste.  In Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, meanwhile, drinking water is being described with adjectives ranging from ‘dirty’ to ‘nasty.’

In both cases, the water is safe to drink.  If you are in either area, however, and would prefer your water be safe to drink – and be drinkable – we would encourage you to install a water filter designed to reduce bad taste and odor, including the Instapure faucet filter above.

For help finding the type of water filter you need, please feel free to call our customer service department at 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

California Drinking Water May Be Under New Management
A recent proposal by California governor Jerry Brown would move management of the state’s drinking water to the State Water Resources Control Board, reports Valley Public Radio.  This change is designed to significantly improve the protection of California’s drinking water and the efficiency of the state’s water operations.

Amherst, Virginia Ceases Drinking Water Fluoridation
In another sign that the practice of water fluoridation may slowly be coming to an end, Amherst County, Virginia has stopped adding fluoride to its municipal water supply with no sign of resuming this practice.   Read more about what was driving this controversial decision in the story above.

Krish Himmatramka Drinks Dirty Water To Raise Clean Water AwarenessHouston, Texas Resident Drinks Dirty Water to Raise Clean Water Awareness
We’ve said it here before – dirty water is scary.  Which makes the efforts of Houston, Texas resident Krish Himmatramka all the more impressive.  To raise awareness of the 780 million people worldwide without clean drinking water, Himmatramka is publicly drinking a dirty mixture of water, dirt and soil to simulate what many in the world must live on every day.  Learn more about Himmatramka’s mission in the story above, and about his jewelry company Do Amore, which contributes a portion of its profits to water-based charities.

WaterFilters.NET In The News:

WaterFilters.NET A Small Business Success Story Finalist
Our thanks go out this week to Twin Cities Business, and of course to each of our customers, who helped us to be recognized as one of the top small business success stories in Minnesota.  See who we were lucky enough to share the honor with in the story above.

Upsize Minnesota Names WaterFilters.NET Top Business BuilderUpsize Minnesota Names WaterFilters.NET Top Business Builder in Minnesota
This week, WaterFilters.NET was honored as the Top Business Builder in Minnesota by Upsize Minnesota.  Per the image to the left, we were even selected as this month’s cover story.  Our thanks, once again, are reserved most strongly for current and future customers like you that have supported us for nearly ten years.

Water Filtration Product of the Week: Sediment Water Filters

WaterFilters.NET P75-40-WF Sediment Water FiltersIt may not seem like it everywhere, but we are slowly inching our way towards spring, meaning we are slowly inching towards that time of year where your drinking water is more susceptible to contamination from sediment and organic matter.

Sediment water filters, including our own private label line, help water filtration systems, reverse osmosis systems and more remove direct and particles before they make it through your faucet.  Better yet, many of the sediment water filters we offer are affordable enough for you to stock up on.

If you need help finding a sediment water filter for your system, or even a new water filtration system, I would encourage you to call our customer service department at 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

I invite you to subscribe to this blog or our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all the latest drinking water news and hydration tips.  I also invite you to +1 us on Google+ to be the first to learn about exclusive deals and new products.

If you are a veteran, currently serving in the Armed Forces, or are buying a gift for a veteran or soldier, use the discount code ‘VETERAN’ at checkout to take 10% off your entire order!

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