Drinking Water News You Need: Hope & Help In The Philippines & West Virginia, World Water Day Still On Track and Spa Water Is An Actual Thing Now

by admin on February 7, 2014

With the recent drinking water crises, including the MCHM spill in West Virginia and E. Coli contamination in New York, it can be easy to forget that situations just as tragic continue to be common throughout much of the world.  One part of the world that has been suffering through a clean water crisis is the Philippines, struck in November with the largest typhoon ever to hit land.

In the video above posted by relief organization CAFOD UK, we are fortunate to see how much great work has been done to restore clean drinking water and basic facilities to residents.  One such resident is Honeyrea, a young girl that narrates this video.  The content above is incredibly welcome and uplifting, and we can only hope that we continue to see similar stories emerge from other parts of the world facing their own water crises and challenges.

In Other Drinking Water News:

Clean Water From Kentucky To West VirginiaKentucky Man Hand Delivers Clean Drinking Water To West Virginia
Our deepest appreciation goes out to Willie Dodson, a Kentucky resident that recently launched the Facebook page, Central Kentucky Clean Water to West Virginia.  In addition to the Facebook page, Dodson will be organizing deliveries of clean drinking water to West Virginia until he firmly believes their drinking water is safe to consume.  See Willie’s story in the link above.  If you live in the area, we encourage you to help Willie, like the two in the photo above, by contacting him through his Facebook page.

100K World Water DayWaves For Water & Hurley Continue To Prepare For World Water Day
World Water Day, planned for this March 22nd, aims to be the largest single-day water relief effort in history.  Clean water advocates recruited by Waves for Water and surf brand Hurley, including Rosario Dawson and celebrity chef Sam Talbot, aim to distribute 1,000 water filtration units to those in need throughout Brazil, Haiti, Indonesia, Liberia and Nicaragua.  Learn more about the latest preparations for World Water Day in the story above, and if you’re able, we encourage you to donate to this cause by buying Hurley H20 T-Shirts at www.hurley.com or by donating directly at www.wavesforwater.org.

Columbus, Ohio Spends More Than $700K Battling Algae Bloom
Algae blooms are just flat out nasty.  They cause taste and odor issues in drinking water and can be downright toxic for children, dogs or anyone with a compromised immune system that is exposed.  They are also notoriously hard and expensive to tame, as the city of Columbus, Ohio can attest.  In the story above, read more about the $700K+ investment the city has spent to try and clear up this issue once and for good.

Haley Gustafson - Organizer of The Water ProjectIllinois Teen Sets $15K Fundraising Goal for Water.org
“When your child is dying of thirst, it’s hard to worry about anything but finding water.”  This simple but heartbreakingly profound idea is driving the efforts of Haley Gustafson, pictured above, a senior at Belvidere High School in Illinois who has set a goal to raise $15K for Water.org.  Gustafson’s efforts will culminate in The Water Project, a community wide-event scheduled for February 26 and March 1st, featuring performances by Second City, a presentation on The Water Project and a Battle of the Bands.  To support or attend this event, contact Haley Gustafson at haleygustafson@yahoo.com to donate or purchase tickets.

Spa WaterSpa Water Is A Thing Now
As shared by the Huffington Post, “spa water” is this: drinking water with floating citrus slices — or fruit or cucumbers — that you either drink while in a spa, or while pretending you are in a spa. BOOM, spa water.  Lots more pictures of spa water to get you thirsty in the link above!

WaterFilters.NET In The News:

Brita Filtered Water Bottles A Top Product For Keeping Pets Hydrated & Organized
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3M Filtrete Allergen Reduction Air FiltersYou may be saying to yourself, ‘air filters aren’t a water filtration product.’  And you would be absolutely correct.  But that doesn’t make them any less critical to managing a healthy home, and for that reason, we are happy to offer them to our customers at WaterFilters.NET.

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