Drinking Water News You Need: Is The Water Safe In West Virginia? Plus UNICEF Donates To Clean Drinking Water For Every Minute You Stay Off Your Phone, Ohio Neighorhood Celebrates Clean Water Victory and Unique Taste of California Beer At Risk

by admin on February 21, 2014

Is it safe?  The question being asked by West Virginia residents after suffering through an unprecedented chemical spill would sound like a broken record, if the question were not so ominous and full of suffering.

In the video above, you’ll learn about West Virginia residents suffering from rashes, headaches and flu-like symptoms after coming into contact with tap water that has officially been declared as OK, despite the minute presence of MCHM.  But perhaps no image is quite as infuriating as the sign posted in a West Virginia County Health Department: ‘Don’t Drink The Water.’  (As a reminder, this water has been officially declared as OK to drink and use.)

In Other Drinking Water News:

Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting CompetitionMost Ironic Water Tasting Contest Ever To Be Hosted In West Virginia
While Charleston, West Virginia residents continue to live with drinking water that barely qualifies as drinkable, the annual Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting competition will be hosted just mere hours away, through this weekend.   While some may see the hosting of a drinking water tasting competition so soon after and in such close proximity to an unprecedented chemical spill as a bit ironic and / or risky, event organizers have assured all involved that no presence of MCHM is found in the water used in the annual competition.  Further, the event’s panel discussion is due to focus on the water issues currently plaguing Charleston, West Virginia, highlighting the need for clean tap water everywhere.  Learn more about this event, being hosted through this Sunday, February 23rd in Berkeley, West Virginia, in the story above.

UNICEF Tap ProjectA Day of Clean Drinking Water For Every Minute You Can Go Without Touching Your Phone
How long can you go without using, touching or browsing your smartphone?  What if we were to say that for every minute you could go, UNICEF would donate the equivalent of a full day’s worth of drinking water to someone in need?  That’s the idea behind UNICEF’s Tap Project, which you can read more about in the Wired story above.   If you plan to participate in this virtual event, a step we definitely recommend, your bar will be quite low if you hope to set a record.  As of the date of this story’s publication, the longest anyone has endured the challenge is just over an hour.

Ohio Neighborhood Celebrates Victory In Battle For Clean Water
Coal Run, a primarily black neighborhood just outside Zanesville, Ohio, celebrates the anniversary of its victorious fight for clean water.  For decades, residents in this community saw city water lines build up around them as they lived instead with well water contaminated by the area’s mining operations.  In the story above, residents look back on those times and express their thanks for the clean water they won their fight for, just ten years ago.

Lagunitas BrewingCalifornia Beer’s Unique Flavor At Risk Due To Droughts
When enjoying a beer from Lagunitas, a brewery located in Petaluma, California, you no doubt will recognize its distinctive taste courtesy of water from the nearby Russian River used by the brewery.  But now, drought conditions in California are putting that signature taste at risk.  The story above shares how drought conditions in the state may literally dry up the Russian River, forcing breweries like Lagunitas to employ some potentially interesting contingency plans, should nature force their hands.

Illinois Fourth Graders Raise Thousands For Clean Drinking Water
A teacher in Galesburg, Illinois challenged his fourth grade class of 25 students to each donate $1 to provide for clean drinking water in an impoverished third-world country.  Once these students learned the full extent of our global water shortage however, with help from a video by water charity Water Is Life, each refused to hold themselves to a $1 donation limit.  More than $2,400 later, this is one of the happier news stories of the last week.  Learn more, and find a link where you can contribute to Water Is Life, in the story above.

Jason Manning Bikes Around The World For Clean WaterMan To Bicycle Around World In Effort To Raise Money For Clean Water
Jason Manning, a 23-year old from British Columbia, plans to spend the next year cycling around the world in an effort to raise $30,000 for water-based charity, Water For People.  Our best wishes go out to Manning as he moves through the first week of his journey.

Drinking Water Filtration Product of the Week: Reverse Osmosis Membranes

Tier1 Reverse Osmosis Membrane Comparable to Culligan TFM-36-AStories about water contamination in West Virginia and New York have put a microscope onto the clean drinking water situation in our country, showing just how delicate it can truly be.  An inevitable effect is an increased interest in more advanced water filtration systems, including reverse osmosis systems.

At WaterFilters.NET, we offer several leading reverse osmosis water filtration systems, in addition to the replacement reverse osmosis membranes you will need once every one to two years.  Reverse osmosis filtration systems force water through a semipermeable membrane, like the membrane comparable to the TFM-36-A from Culligan above, where everything from large particles to small pathogens are trapped.

If you are in an area where water quality issues are common, a reverse osmosis system is definitely an investment worth considering.  Our customer service team is on-hand to help you select both a system, and the replacement membranes you will need, at 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

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