Drinking Water News You Need: West Virginia Residents Take to the Streets, Mark Ruffalo Battles For Clean Water and Desalination Plus Purification May Soon Be Possible

by admin on February 14, 2014

Several weeks after the chemical spill in West Virginia, we’ve reached the unenviable point where people feel as though they need to take to the streets to demand clean drinking water.

In the video above, West Virginia protesters cite anger at being forced to spend out of pocket for bottled water and in the overall lack of confidence many feel, both in how the chemical spill happened and in slow clean-up efforts.  Images like these are equal parts sad and infuriating.

In Other Drinking Water News:

Musty Bottled Water In West VirginiaEnough Is Enough: Bottled Water Removed From Schools In West Virginia Due To Smell & Taste Concerns
Adding insult to injury for West Virginia residents is the story above.  According to the West Virginia Department of Education, bottled water that was given to the Kanawha County Schools was removed after many reported an off-flavor and musty odor.  While tests on the water came back negative for coliform, these types of situations are getting to be quite ridiculous for residents already dealing with unprecedented drinking water contamination.

Mark Ruffalo Fights For Clean WaterMark Ruffalo To Promote Clean Water Initiative in Cape Cod
Actor and founder of Water Defense Mark Ruffalo will be in Cape Cod on February 24 to give a talk at Cape Cod Community College.  Ruffalo will be joined by scientist and founder of OPFLEX® Environmental Technology Scott Smith, where the two will be unveiling a new research collaboration with the school’s Environmental Technology program.  Learn more, and find details on how you can attend this talk, in the link above.

Hands 4 Others Hosts Race That Raises $3,000 For Clean Water
We send congratulations this week to Hands 4 Others, who last weekend hosted a 5K in Santa Barbara, CA, that raised more than $3,000 to be used for the installation of new water filtration systems in Honduras.  Read more about this initiative in the story above.

Bringing Clean Drinking Water To Sudan RefugeesIFRC Brings Clean Drinking Water To Thousands Displaced by Violence
In South Sudan, thousands of families have been displaced by eruptive, seemingly commonplace, violence.  This week, Susan Onyango of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies provided perhaps the only silver lining with her article above.  Within, she shares how here organization is helping meet the 15 litre per day, per person clean water need for thousands of these displaced residents.

Scientists Develop Water Desalination Technique That Also Cleans & Disinfects
Desalination of seawater has long been seen as a potential solution to the global water shortages many in our world face.  But a consistent challenge with this technique has always related back to purifying the newly desalinated water.  That’s what makes this story so potentially exciting.  In the story above, read how MIT scientist Daosheng Deng and his peers may finally be closer to making this happen.

Water Filter Scam Alert:

FCA Filtration Systems Owner Charged With Unfair Business PracticesHigh Pressure Water Filtration System Charged In Ontario
From going door to door with bogus water tests, to convincing residents they won free service through a scratch ticket, there was seemingly no shortage of illicit tactics used by FCA Filtration Systems to talk Ontario residents into overpriced water filtration systems.  Fortunately, FCA Filtration Systems’ reign will likely be coming to an end as it was charged this week with unfair practice, failure to provide a direct agreement and failure to refund customers by Ontario’s Ministry of Consumer Services.

One quick way to spot a water filtration scammer like FCA: being offered an undersink filtration system for several thousand dollars that is ‘absolutely necessary based on your dangerous water quality.’  We’d be happy to offer you an undersink filtration system, fairly priced, that will simply help to refine the flavor and quality of your drinking water.   To learn more or for help selecting a system, call our customer service department at 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

Water Filtration Product of the Week: Washing Machine Water Filters

Washing Machine Inline Water FilterEarlier this week, we published a post sharing how often you should change your washing machine filter.

A washing machine filter is essentially an inline water filtration system that will keep heavier sediment and odors out of your washing machine water.  It’s a system that many of our customers that have purchased were unaware they needed, until they experienced issues ranging from clogged filter screens to rust stains on their clothing (for well water users) to heavy chlorine odor (for city water users.)

For a filtration system that can be easily installed, and purchased for just over $50 for all parts needed, this filter quickly becomes a go-to item for our customers that make the move to install. To learn more about the washing machine filters we offer, or for help selecting a system, call our customer service department at 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

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