Drinking Water News You Need: New Video From ClearWater Initiative, Californian Water Standards Tighten, Whiskey Byproduct Helps Purify Water and Wine Connoisseur Becomes Top Water Sommelier

by admin on December 27, 2013

Holidays are a perfect time to celebrate what we’ve accomplished in the past year and to make our resolutions for what type of people we will be going forward.  For this reason, we rightfully see charitable endeavors highlighted more particularly over the holidays.

One endeavor that we would like to highlight can be seen illustrated in the video above, published by ClearWater Initiative.  We were lucky enough to speak with Executive Director of ClearWater Initiative Jess Arnett last month about the work her organization is doing to help bring clean drinking water to Uganda.  If you have not had a chance to read it, I encourage you to check-out our interview with Arnett (linked to above) and to check out her organization’s new video that helps to truly illustrate the importance of the work they are doing.

In Other Drinking Water News:

Clean Drinking Water & Relief Continues to Pour Into Philippines
As noted in our interview last week with the organizer of a St. Louis 5K for Philippines relief,the recovery efforts after Typhoon Haiyan are just beginning.  Fortunately, while efforts may be in the early stages, the efforts we are seeing are quite remarkable.

Water Purification & Distiller by VeragonOne such effort is by Italian company Veragon that has donated machinery designed to generate both mineral and distilled water by condensing moisture in the air.  You can read more about this donation and the workings of this machinery (pictured above) in this article published by the Khaleej Times.

Eddie Pineda Providing Recovery Efforts in PhilippinesAnother story we would like to call out this week is that of Eddie Pineda, a Mount Pleasant Waterworks employee that was visiting his homeland of the Philippines when the typhoon compelled him into action.  Pineda, pictured to the left, has his story featured in this article by the Moultrie News.

Learn more about how you can donate to the ongoing Typhoon Haiyan recovery efforts and help bring clean drinking water and relief to the Philippines.

Californian Drinking Water To Finally Be Protected From Hexavalent Chromium
For more than ten years, California residents have sought to have standards in place that would protect their drinking water from hexavalent chromium, a known carcinogen.  A recent ruling by the California Superior Court of Alameda County appears to finally bring this to reality by mid-2014, per this report from WaterWorld.  “Californians have waited ten years too long for a hexavalent chromium drinking water standard, and we’re relieved that we now have a deadline for action,” said Avinash Kar, attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Public Health Program, in response to the ruling.  Read more about this decision in the article above.

Microhome by Mesocore Purifies WaterWater Purifying Homes Can Be Donated
Developed by Mesocore, small self-contained microhomes, built to run on solar power and purify water, can now be purchased and donated, reports PlanetSave.  These homes, one of which is pictured to the left, are potential game-changers for those in communities hard hit by natural disasters, ranging from hurricanes to typhoons.

Florida Water Quality Issues Dominate Local News
Earlier this week, Ocala Star Banner writers voted Floridian water quality issues as the #10 local story of the year.  Always a contentious topic in the state, one of the main drivers for coverage this year  was the dangers faced by the state’s twelve major springs and underground aquifer, from both reduced flow and higher pollution levels. Read more above.

Whiskey Byproduct Leads To Water Purification Breakthrough
Draff, the residue of barley husks that are a byproduct of brewing whiskey, have been shown to act as a water purification agent in a happy accident covered in The Guardian story above.  Dr. Leigh Cassidy’s work on a PhD project to treat industrially contaminated water in the UK led to the discovery of draff’s unique ability and the official creation of Dram, a version of draff which is now being used to remove arsenic from groundwater in Bangladesh.  Read more about this discovery above.

Crux Fermentation Project Brews Lager For Retired Water WorkerOregon Brewpub Honors Former Water Worker With Special Lager
Oregon has become a haven for the craft brewing industry, due in large part to the quality of its water.  Roger Powell, a former water quality supervisor in Bend, Oregon, is credited by many with helping to ensure Oregonian water stayed pure and perfect for brewing.  To honor his efforts, Crux Fermentation Project has released a special brew, Prowell Springs Pre-Prohibition Lager.  Read more about Prowell’s efforts in the story above, or taste this beer for yourself, by visiting the Crux Fermentation Project in Bend, OR.

Top Water Sommelier Michael MaschaFormer Wine Connoisseur Becomes Top Water Sommelier
“When a doctor told Michael Mascha, a wine connoisseur, that he could either live or continue to drink, it wasn’t an easy choice. ‘I hesitated,’ he recounted recently at his home in Harlingen, ‘because I had just bought some nice bottles of Krug Champagne.’  Fortunately, Mascha came to terms with a heart condition that forced him away from alcohol and onto another beverage that can be just as sophisticated: water.  Mascha is now one of the world’s top water sommeliers, helping connect customers with premium drinking water from around the world.  Read Mascha’s story in the New York Times article above, and see what makes water the new wine.

Water Filtration Product of the Week: Undersink Water Filter Systems

Pentek RO-3500 Reverse Osmosis SystemWater filters and filtration systems come in a wide range of sizes, styles and price points.  A great benefit of some of the larger and more advanced systems is that installation can virtually eliminate water quality issues, but also dependence on outside water sources, such as plastic water bottles.  But the size and price points do present a larger barrier to entry.

Fortunately, there is somewhat of a middle ground with undersink water filter systems.  Like their larger counterparts, these systems can range in style and price point, but most are compact enough to fit either under your counter or, of course, under your sink.

The model above is a reverse osmosis undersink water filter system from Pentek, a more advanced model designed to reduce a greater number of contaminants, including arsenic, cryptosporidium and giardia.  If this type of system is beyond your needs, we are also happy to offer several other types of systems, most in the $100-200 price point.

If you are considering an undersink water filter system, I would encourage you to call our customer service department at 1-888-801-7873.

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