Drinking Water News You Need: Clean Water Competes With Sweeteners & Pharmaceuticals, Home Property Values May Help Support Stronger Water Pollution Regulations and Drinking Rancid Water Now A Part-Time Job

by admin on December 20, 2013

At WaterFilters.NET, the water filters and filtration products we offer provide one key and noticeable benefit above all else: they help to improve or maintain the taste of your drinking water.  But for the younger generation, will the taste of clean water be enough?

Endocrinologist Dr. Joseph Pinzone suggests that flavoring up drinking water with sugars and carbonation is impacting how our brains crave hydration, making plain old clean drinking water feel bland and boring.  Learn more about this trend, which toes the line between innovative and troubling, in the video above from KABC Los Angeles.

In Other Drinking Water News:

Could Drinking Water Contain Sweeteners & Pharmaceuticals?Artificial Sweeteners May Be In Drinking Water Anyway
Could sugars and artificial sweeteners be in our drinking water regardless of whether we add them? Canadian researchers indicate that, unfortunately, this may be the case.  The story above from the LA Times shares results of a study that found elevated levels of cyclamate, saccharin, sucralose, and acesulfame in water samples collected along the length of the Grand River in Ontario, Canada.  Commonly used in diet drinks, these sugars entered the water supply via sewage treatment plants that empty into the river.  Learn more about the overall impact of these findings in the story above.

Your Drinking Water May Also Contain Pharmaceutical Drugs
Extensive research conducted by the EPA suggests that our drinking water – including bottled water – may also commonly contain pharmaceutical byproducts, according to the story linked to above.  One positive that we can share, related to this story, is that several water filter manufacturers are recognizing the need to reduce pharmaceuticals in drinking water.  GE, in fact, is now producing the MWFP refrigerator water filter (available at WaterFilters.NET), a new and improved version of its popular MWF filter, designed to reduce up to five common pharmaceuticals before they pour from your tap.

UNL Grad & Peace Corps Voluteer Emily McKeone Raises Money For Zambian WellsUNL Grad & Peace Corps Volunteer Helping To Bring Clean Drinking Water to Zambia
Through an online donation site set up by the Peace Corps, 23-year old University of Nebraska-Lincoln grad Emily McKeone has raised nearly half of the $5,000 she needs to build three wells that will provide clean drinking water for local Zambian villagers.  Our admiration goes out to McKeone, who is already on a path towards making a true difference in the world, at an age when many are just finding the path.  If you are able, we encourage you to donate to McKeone’s cause through this site set up by the Peace Corps.

Florida Regulators Have Absurd & Abusive Relationship With Water
The headline above summarizes the opinion of Gainesville Sun columnist Ron Cunninghan, who shares his thoughts on Florida’s environmental regulators who seem willing to downgrade the quality of water in the region, lest they be seen as implementing regulations that will be seen as job killers.  Read more on the uneasy state of Floridian water in Cunningham’s article above.

Property Values Could Be Lynchpin For Improving Water Quality
North Country Public Radio shares more on Clarkson University researchers that are studying water pollution’s effect on the property values in 26 counties in upstate New York.  The hopeful and positive outcome of such a study is that the threat of declining property values will be enough to support stronger and more impactful water pollution regulations.

Rancid Water & Food Tasters Are Unsung HeroesRancid Food & Water Tasters Help Protect Us All
What does a granola bar taste like when the nuts used to make it have oxidized?  What about water from a plastic bottle that has been left in the trunk of a hot car for a month?  At the National Food Lab, 40 part-time taste testers are on hand to root out the proof points needed to answer these icky questions, so the rest of us don’t have to.  Read more about this ickily heroic job in the article above.

Water Filtration Product of the Week: Water Purification Tablets

Katadyn Micropur Water Purification TabletsThis week, Outdoor Life posted an article comparing two different types of water purification tablets.  One of these options, Katadyn Micropur water purification tablets, are proudly carried at WaterFilters.NET.

Water purification tablets we offer, found in our offerings of Katadyn Camping Filters and Aquamira water purification products, make for perfect last minute stocking stuffers or gifts for the campers, hikers or preppers on your holiday shopping list.  They are also one of the surest and most inexpensive ways to ensure you, or someone you care about, drinks only the cleanest possible water on their next outdoor adventure.

If you would like to order one or more of these products for a last minute gift this holiday season, I would encourage you to call our customer service department at 1-888-801-7873 and ask for rush shipping.

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