Drinking Water News You Need: Plastic Water Bottles May Contribute to Migraines, Philippine Recovery Efforts Continue, Soap Star Supports Clean Water & A Perfect Christmas Gift!

by admin on December 13, 2013

An estimated five to six billion pounds of BPA is produced yearly.  BPA, or bisphenol A, is a chemical prominent in countless plastic products, most notably, plastic water bottles.  Over the last several years, this chemical has come under frequent debate for a whole host of health, safety and environmental issues.  Now, a recent study suggests that BPA may have one more troubling effect:  the onset of migraines.

Nancy Berman, PhD, Professor of Anatomy and Cell Biology at KU Medical Center, and a practicing neuroscientist for more than forty years, was the senior author of the study that found this potential link, seemingly rooted in BPA’s chemical similarity to estrogen.  In the video above, Dr. Berman dives deeper into her study, strengthening the case for an end to our plastic water bottle addiction.

In Other Drinking Water News:

What We Need Are Alternatives to Plastic Bottled Water
“ Around much of the world, it’s a luxury to turn on the tap and fill a cup with clean water. So, then, why do we buy so many little plastic bottles of water?” writes Suzanne Havala Hobbs in her recent article published by the Charlotte Observer.  Hobbs states that perceived convenience, rather than anything approaching either cost or health benefits, drives our bottled water economy.  The real question, then, is what can we all do to see past the perceived convenience that bottled water provides to the very real and negative issues it causes?  I encourage you to think about this question while reading Hobbs’ article above.Palm City Florida Based Missionary Waters

Typhoon Haiyan Recovery Efforts Continue In The Philippines
While it may no longer be the lead story in our 24-hour news cycle, Typhoon Haiyan recovery efforts are continuing in the Philippines.  Organizations we’d like to highlight for their good work this week include those of Missionary Waters in Palm City, Florida and  several Baptist groups throughout Texas.

Texas Baptist Men Sending Water Filtration Equipment To PhilippinesMissionary Waters is preparing to send 3,000 portable water filtration kits to remote areas in the Philippines where residents are still struggling to find enough food and clean drinking water.  In Texas, meanwhile, organizations including the Texas Baptist Men and the Texas Baptists’ Disaster Recovery are preparing to send water filters and purification units to the hardest hit parts in the southern areas of the Philippines.

We commend the work that these organizations are doing and encourage you to donate, if you are able, via the links below:

Clean Water Efforts In GhanaMIT Lecturer Brings Clean Drinking Water To Developing Nations
Our admiration also goes out this week to Susan Murcott, a senior lecturer in MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, who is bringing water filtration systems to three million plus residents in Ghana.  Learn more about Murcott and how her efforts are bringing significant changes to the lives of this country’s residents.

Floridian Demand For Freshwater To Increase Exponentially
By 2035, water demand in Orange County, Florida will increase 50 percent, according to the Central Florida Water Initiative.  What are those tasked with managing Florida’s water supply doing to meet this need?  Find out in the story shared by WFTV above.

Fracking Water Used For Road DeicingFracking Water Good For Icy Roads, Still Bad For Clean Water
As treacherous winter storms rolled across much of the nation, images like the one to the left showing real-world battles with snow and ice on our roadways became common.  As it turns out, a new player is on the front-lines of the battle against icy roads: fracking water.  Margaret Badore of Treehugger reports that wastewater from fracking is being used to de-ice roadways throughout New York State.  While this may sound like a great form of recycling, Badore goes on to write that this wastewater – despite its ability to cut through ice – remains a serious threat to our fresh waterways.

San Francisco Bay Water Clarity May Inadvertently Lead to Algae Blooms
Efforts to put a stop to California Gold Rush practices that have long clouded the San Francisco Bay with silt are finally resulting in a clearer and cleaner body of water.  Unfortunately, this newly clarified environment is making it a hotbed for algae blooms that threaten the lives of local marine life – and the wallets of local residents.  Read more in the Huffington Post article above.

Kate Mansi for charity waterSoap Star Kate Mansi Partners With charity: water
Kate Mansi, star of daytime soap Days of Our Lives, is continuing her campaign to raise money for charity: water, a water-based charity we are also happy to help support.  Due to extend through December 30th, Mansi’s goal is to raise $20,000 total.  Those interested can donate on Mansi’s charity: water campaign page.

Water Filter Scam Alerts:

Water Filter Salesman Banned In British Columbia
Consumer Protection BC has recently handed down a 15-year direct sales ban on Lloyd Schell, Jr. whose company, Vin Water Systems, sold overpriced water filtration systems to seniors based on bogus water quality claims.  Schell is also being ordered to pay back thousands of dollars to his victims.

Water Filter Scammers Preying On UK Citizens In Bradford
Residents in the UK’s Bradford district are being asked to be on guard against scammers trying to sell overpriced water filtration systems that protect against dangerously, and fictionally, high levels of chlorine in the area’s drinking water.  The best defense in handling these scammers?  Shut the door or hang up the phone.

Water Filtration Product of the Week: Instapure Faucet Filters

Instapure F-8C Chrome Faucet Mount Water Filter SystemNothing tastes better than clean, filtered drinking water poured directly from the tap.  Instapure faucet filters let you experience this feeling every time you turn your faucet on.

Proudly installed at WaterFilters.NET’s Minneapolis-based office, we can personally vouch for these filters walking the walk when it comes to pouring the cleanest tasting water.

Instapure faucet filters, coincidentally, make great Christmas gifts – and if ordered from us by Monday, December 16th – will arrive at their destinations by Christmas Eve!

For help ordering an Instapure faucet filter, I encourage you to call our customer service department at 1-888-801-PURE.

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