Drinking Water News You Need: New Water Shortage Solution Shared By A Reader, Clean Water Pleas From Olivia Munn & Matt Damon, and Sea Otters Fight Pollution

by admin on August 30, 2013

Solving the global water shortage crisis will require good ideas from all directions.  We’ve helped to support this need with our recent Future of Water scholarship, awarding $500 for a solution proposed by Duke University student Mona Dai.  In response to the solution provided by Dai and our first and second runners-up, we received the video above from Outback Energy Systems.

The video above shows a brief overview of what claims to be the world’s first – and only – large scale solar water still.  I’m both intrigued by the potential shown in this video – and quite happy to see that our scholarship program has resulted in this type of interest.  If you have a water shortage solution to share, I encourage you to share via a comment below, and our team will happily include it in a future post.

More Drinking Water News:

Matt Damon - Actor & Water.org co-FounderMatt Damon Fights For Clean Water In India
In a four-day tour through rural India, actor, writer and Water.org co-founder Matt Damon helped those in the developing region gain access to clean drinking water and sanitation.  Damon and his organization have been active in India for five years, and in that time, have helped more than 500,000 people get the microloans needed to afford access to sanitary water.  Read more about Damon’s recent tour and ongoing mission in the New York Times article above.

Reverse Osmosis Cuts Eco Footprint For Wisconsin Food Processing Plant
A reverse osmosis water filtration system has helped a large, unnamed food processing plant in Wisconsin reduce its water alkalinity by 95%.  What this means is that water boilers now operate at a lower intensity, saving energy and chemicals, and reducing the plant’s eco footprint.  Learn more in the coverage from Environmental Leader above.

Sea Otters Help Fight Water Pollution

Sea Otters Fight Water Pollution
What could be better than watching an adorable little sea otter crack open a delicious crab on its tummy?  How about if this actually helped in the fight against water pollution?  The Huffington Post shares how the recolonization of the sea otter into one of California’s largest estuaries is linked to the revival of the ecosystem’s growth of seagrass.  Read more in the article above – which also contains eight more pictures of sea otters.

Marijuana Farms Expose Underbelly of California Water Usage Debate
California water usage laws and guidelines are not being imposed equally on rapidly growing marijuana farming operations, Science 2.0 reports in this editorial. The purported reason?  A significant percentage of these operations are overseen by Mexican cartels, who pose as much of a risk to water regulators as their overuse of pesticides pose to the environment.  Hank Campbell shares more on this quandary.

Ohio Water Quality Is Complicated
A three-part series by Farm & Dairy reporter Chris Klick shares more on the complexities faced by those focused on providing quality, clean water in Ohio – in the lakes, in the fields – and in the glasses of residents.

Olivia Munn Wants You To Donate To Thirst ReliefOlivia Munn Wants You To Donate To Thirst Project
Thirst Project is the largest youth water activism charity in the world.  Olivia Munn is pictured to the left.  I have nothing to add to this.

Drinking Water Filtration Product Of The Week: Sediment Water Filters

Over time, sediments ranging from sand to silt, can accumulate bacterial contamination while reeking havoc on your pipes and appliances.  They are truly nasty things to consume, for humans and equipment alike.

On our site, we offer both replacement sediment water filters, and can special order the systems like the American Plumber Automatic Sediment Whole House Filter, pictured below.  A system, with a consistently changed filter, will help reduce a significant amount of sediments from making it through to either your faucet or your glass.

American Plumber W-410-SDF Automatic Sediment Whole House Filter

If you need to replace your sediment water filter, or are looking to install a whole-house sediment filtration system, I would highly encourage you to call our customer service department at 1-888-801-PURE so they can ensure you select the right products for your needs.

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