Drinking Water News: Hydration Top Priority During Football Pre-Season, Ideas For The Back Half of Water Quality Month, Clean Water Act Continues To Cause Ripples & Craft Brewers Bring West Coast Water Taste Out East

by admin on August 18, 2014

If its football pre-season, we can depend on conversations becoming arguments, as we begin to analyze every last move of our favorite teams and players.  In Texas, these conversations take on a whole new life as they seemingly happen at every field, at every level, and with players of every age.  While we love to take part in speculative summer football conversations as much as anyone, the one conversation we don’t want over-shadowed is the importance of hydration during pre-season football practice at any level.

Years back, Korey Stringer, from our own Minnesota Vikings, fell victim to dehydration during an intense pre-season practice.  In the video above, we see what we can only hope to be part of Stringer’s positive legacy, as players in Richardson, Texas find themselves surrounded by water bottles and cooling stations to avoid any risk of dehydration.  Watch now to learn more about how to ensure players training at every level during football’s pre-season remain safely hydrated, or as parent Ron Svetgoff refers to it, ‘a very top priority.’

In Other Drinking Water News:

River Cleanin' During National Water Quality Month5 Ideas For The Back Half of National Water Quality Month
All of August marks National Water Quality Month, a time for all of us to do our part to protect and avoid polluting our greatest resource.  In honor of this month’s distinction, Iowa State University has provided this resource with five activities – from green thumbin’ to garbage pickin’ – that you can participate in to ensure you do your part for clean water.

Generosity On Display During Toledo Drinking Water BanGenerosity Was On Full Display During Toledo Drinking Water Ban
The recent drinking water ban in Toledo, Ohio impacted the lives of 500,000 residents, while making the rest of us realize just how fragile the safety of our water supply can truly be.  Fortunately, a great silver lining came out of this story, as countless acts of ‘kindness, creativity and patience’ were on display throughout the crisis.  See just a few in the words and images shared in the article above.

Texas Small Pond - Regulations Proposed By Clean Water ActClean Water Act Issues Arise In Texas & Nebraska
The ripples caused by the Clean Water Act continued through the last news cycle, with big stories coming out of both the Southern and Midwestern United States.

First, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott made waves with his rejection of proposed EPA regulations that their Clean Water Act extended the agency’s authorities to stock tanks, small ponds and ditches.  “The EPA has no authority to regulate dry ditches and stock tanks on private property, but that is exactly what the Obama Administration is trying to achieve under new rules proposed by the EPA and the Corps of Engineers,” says Abbott.  “So today we are beginning the first step in the process of challenging these proposed regulations, which are unlawful and exceed the EPA’s authority to regulate navigable waters.”

In Omaha, Nebraska, meanwhile, corporate food giant Cargill has agreed to pay more than $187,000 in fines for failing to have an emergency spill response plan at several oil storage facilities.  This is similar to the fine incurred by Archer Daniels Midland, shared in another recent Drinking Water News.

Learn more about the very different ways the Clean Water Act can impact and be interpreted by corporations and local governments in the stories linked to above.

Orange County, California Water Recycling PlantCalifornia Water Recycling Not On Track
In the article above, Circle of Blue reports that, “Governor Jerry Brown, the legislature, as well as utilities, industries and environmental groups, argue that cleaning up water that is flushed down drains and into oceans will prepare the state for future droughts and will reduce the energy needed to move water hundreds of miles from the Sierra Nevada foothills to cities in Southern California and the Bay Area.”  So the question is, why is California’s water recycling goal not on track?  Overly aggressive goals combined with less than aggressive funding.  Learn more above.

UV Disinfection Market On Track For 2.5 Billion
Per a recent report by Persistence Market Research, the market for UV disinfection equipment, or equipment that harnesses the power of the sun’s UltraViolet rays to kill off harmful bacteria in water, is poised to reach 2.5 billion by 2019 as it continues to replace chlorine disinfection.  Jump to the bottom of this post to learn more about some of the residential UV disinfection equipment that we proudly offer at our online store.

Sierra Nevada Brings California Water Taste Out EastCraft Brewers Bring West Coast Water Taste to East Coat Brewing Operations
It’s no secret that water served in different parts of the world – even in different parts of the US – will have its own unique taste.  Few understand this more than the craft brewers at California’s Sierra Nevada and Colorado’s Oskar Blues, both of whom recently expanded their distribution out east, and opened new breweries in North Carolina.  There was just one big wrench in the plan: the water in North Carolina tastes completely different than it does in California or Colorado.  See what these breweries did to ensure the taste of their final product remained consistent, wherever it happened to be brewed, in the article above by NPR.

Cynthia Lam - Inventor of H2ProInvention by Teen Produces Clean Water & Clean Energy
Throughout the world, 780 million lack access to clean drinking water and 1.2 billion lack access to electricity.  Cynthia Sin Nga Lam, a 17-year old finalist in this year’s Google Science Fair, is seeking to change this with her invention, the H2Pro.  Using photocatalytic technology, which simultaneously purifies water and generates electricity using only sunlight, the H2Pro is an invention with the very real potential to change billions of lives for the better.  Learn more about Lam’s invention in the article above or her Google Science Fair page.

WaterFilters.NET In The News:

Drinking Water Test Kits Recommended In Metro Times Detroit Article
Our thanks go out to Metro Times Detroit for featuring a link to our online store in a water quality-focused article sharing more about the need for water testing at home.   The Sensafe Home Testing Kit, featured in the article, may be found here.

Water Filtration Product of The Week: UV Disinfection

Trojan UV Max IHS12-D4 Integrated Home UV Water Filter SystemWith the news above that the global market for UV disinfection equipment is set to expand exponentially by 2019, and with well water maintenance season just around the corner, it seemed an ideal time to revisit our selection of residential UV equipment.

Designed to use UV rays to eliminate bacteria, and prevent them from reproducing, UV disinfection is one of the best ways to ensure you serve the cleanest possible water throughout your home.   This equipment is ideal for anyone using a private well or water untouched and untreated by their local municipality.

While UV disinfection is one of the most powerful water treatment technologies you can use today, know in advance that it can be represent a pricy set-up.  Before making the investment, I highly encourage you to first test your water, either by ordering a well water test kit from our site or by contacting your local municipality who will oftentimes offer this service.

If you have more questions about the UV disinfection equipment we carry, or regarding the best way to test your water, I invite you to call our customer service team at 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

I also invite you to subscribe to this blog or our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or +1 us on Google+ to be the first to learn about exclusive deals and new products.

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