Drinking Water News You Need: Celebrate National Beer Day With Water, See The Latest Solutions Bringing Clean Drinking Water To Those In Need & Fluoridation Battle Rages On

by admin on April 7, 2014

Beer is 90% water.  The balance of its ingredients, specifically hops and barley, are at constant supply risk in the event of any water shortage.  And those water shortages are becoming more common.  As such, the beer and brewing industry has long been out-front on issues related to water sustainability.

In honor of today being National Beer Day, we share the video above posted by CNBC.  Within, you’ll learn how MillerCoors has helped save 400 million gallons of water in just over three years through more sustainable business practices.  You’ll also learn how MillerCoors experts are helping barley farmers in Colorado, who depend on snow melt for 85% of their water, implement more sustainable business practices to help them make it through times like now where this source of water is in much shorter supply.

This National Beer Day, we encourage you to enjoy a responsible toast, and pledge to protect that crucial ingredient that makes your toast so special.

In Other Drinking Water News:

WarkaWater Towers Capture Clean Drinking WaterAfrican Water Shortages Battled With Baskets
Water shortages in the United States can make for temporary hardship, but in Africa, they’ve become a tragic way of life.  In the story above, we learn more about designer Arturo Vittori and his WarkaWater towers that will hopefully bring a better way of life for millions.  His tower, which you can see in the image above, resembles a 30 foot tall basket from a ‘Pier 1 catalog’ – but is capable of pulling more than 25 gallons of potable water from the atmosphere on a daily basis.  Our hopes are firmly behind this potential game changer.

Water Fluoridation Battles Continue
Last week it was announced that the Amherst County Service Authority board in Virginia is resuming water fluoridation at its Madison Heights filtration plan.  The reasoning?  From what we can discern, a fundamental misunderstanding of who should have been informed and consulted, not to mention fundamental disagreements on the safety of fluoride.  A quick scan of the comment string on the article above shows just how much passion there is on both sides of the debate.

Cycloclean Purifes Water As Bikers RideBicycle That Purifies Water Launched By Japanese Start-Up
Another idea bringing clean drinking water hope for those living in impoverished areas this week comes courtesy of Japanese start-up Nippon Basic.  Per the story above, the company has plans to scale production of the Cycloclean, a bicycle that allows riders to purify water as they ride.  Per the company, a 10-hour bike trip on the Cycloclean – pictured above – will generate enough clean drinking water to hydrate up to 1,500 people.

Create A Vine Video For Clean Water
For those of you that love clean water, and the band One Direction, will want to pay attention.  103.3 The Vibe in Ventura, California has launched its Vibe Video Watershed Crusader Contest in support Ventura County Watersheds, where contestants are asked to submit 15-second long Vine videos for an opportunity to win two tickets to the sold-out One Direction show this September 12th at the Rose Bowl.  If you’re interested, submission deadline is this Friday, April 11th.

Clean Water Ruling Appealed In South Florida
While environmentalists praised the ruling, South Florida water managers are appealing a Federal Judge’s ruling against the pumping of water from farmlands into public water supplies, per the coverage above.  Per South Florida Water Management District spokesman Randy Smith, the process of backpumping is rare and “used primarily for health and human safety issues during flood control operations.”

Brian Lamb - Founder of Replenish For Clean WaterArizona Junior Seeks To Formally Transform Water Relief Efforts Into 501(c)
While a freshman, Arizona student Brian Lamb launched Replenish, a ministry devoted to providing clean drinking water for those across the globe. Now a junior, and at an age where others in his spot are thinking of that next step after college, Lamb is committing himself to formally building his ministry as a 501(c) non-profit.  Borrowing the model used by TOMS Shoes (ie where a pair of shoes is donated to someone in need for every pair purchased), Lamb’s ministry donates one purification tablet – good to purify one liter of water – for every bottle of water sold.  Our thanks and wishes of good luck go out to Lamb.

Water Filtration Product of the Week: Camping Filters

Katadyn Vario Camping Filter SystemIf spring is here, camping season can’t be that far behind.  And depending on where you decide to pitch your tent, clean drinking water may or may not be something you can easily access without lugging it in your pack.

Fortunately, we offer several varieties of camping water filters on our site.  Designed for every budget and every style of expedition, our selection ranges from the popular and affordably priced Katadyn Vario camping filter system (pictured) to the KFT Expedition System that should only be clicked on if you are a serious adventurer.  And in between, we offer several smaller offerings, from water purification tablets to lifestraws.  Of course, every camping filter we offer also makes for a great gift.

If you need a camping filter system for yourself or as a gift, and need some help, I encourage you to call our customer service team at 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

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