Drink Up! National Drinking Water Week (Part 1)

by wfnblog on May 7, 2012

WaterFilters.NET celebrates National Drinking Water WeekThis week (May 6-12) the American Water Works Association (AWWA) has designated National Drinking Water Week. The AWWA is the authoritative resource for safe public drinking water in our country. As the AWWA would say, “Only tap water delivers.” Unlike bottled water, tap water is well-regulated. It is immediately accessible, as much as you need, right at home at any time. Plus, it comes at much less of a cost–to your wallet and to our environment.

Clearly, only tap water delivers–but FILTERED tap water delivers even more. Government regulations cover only a small percentage of the potential contaminants in the water supply. Even the impurities that are regulated may still be present in your pipes in levels that present a health risk to you and your household.

There are simple ways that you can further improve your tap water quality. Basic sediment filtration can cut down even more on dirt, rust and scale. Standard carbon filtration can reduce that unappealing taste and odor too often associated with tap water. More advanced systems, like reverse osmosis, can further reduce chemical contamination that still remains.

Taste the difference. Only filtered tap water delivers the quality and value you need.

Tomorrow: 10 Reasons to Drink More and Live Better

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