5 Reasons I’m Getting My Dog A Shower Filter For Christmas

by admin on October 10, 2013

Clark The Clean Water Dog Going To The ParkIf we’re thinking about Christmas in October, as Hallmark and Macy’s insist that we do, we need to be thinking about gifts to get those that are most special to us.  Like our dogs.

I get a lot of comments regarding how much my wife and I spoil our dog Clark (AKA Clark The Clean Water Dog), pictured to the left, riding in the front seat.  I’m honestly not sure where these comments come from, but the fact that he gets to sit up front is probably a factor.

I mention this because this is not a post about spoiling our dog.  This is a post about shower filters. If anything, a shower filter will just mean more showers, meaning a lot more opportunity for the photos below, where the world’s happiest dog suddenly looks like he’s auditioning for a Sarah McLachlan PSA.  Shower filters offer similar benefits whether you are two or four legged.  It just so happens that in our house, our four-legged resident will reap the most benefits.

So here’s why Clark the Clean Water Dog is getting a shower filter for Christmas this year:

1. Chlorine & Contaminants Are Bad For Skin, Hair & Fur
We talk a lot about the contaminants common in drinking water, from sediment in well water to chlorine in city water.  Water filters that we offer are designed to reduce these contaminants and keep our drinking water quality high.Clark The Clean Water Dog At Bath Time

While we may not think of consuming shower water as a customary beverage, people and dogs will absorb it in other ways, including through skin, hair or fur.  And with chlorine especially, the negatives are a lot more immediate, including damaged skin and dry hair for people – or itchy skin and damaged fur for dogs.  Woof Woof Mama recently wrote a post advocating for shower filters, in fact, sharing how too much chlorine can be a factor in itchy skin or heavy shedding.

A shower filter is simply an easy, cost-effective way to ensure we reduce the short-term impact of these contaminants on the outside of our body, just as a drinking water filter helps to minimize the long-term impact of these contaminants inside our body.

2. Chlorine is Especially Bad For Sensitive Skin
Since we’ve had Clark, he’s suffered from seasonal skin allergies, resulting in rashes throughout the spring and summer.  While baths and showers will help, the aforementioned chlorine can have a noticeable effect on his skin and fur, contributing to additional dryness and itch attacks.

Sprite SL-CM-M Slim Line Universal Shower Filter SystemBy reducing the amount of contaminants in our water, a shower filter will help to ensure we give him a bit more allergy relief, rather than contribute to the problem.  While the only skin allergy in our house happens to be our dog, this same principle would hold true with any human resident, as well.

3. If We Care About Our Drinking Water, We Need To Care About Our Shower Water
Drinking shower water is fairly uncommon.  Unless you’re a dog.

One of the biggest reasons that algae blooms pose such a danger to dogs is their propensity to lick anything that comes into contact with their skin or fur.  While chlorine and contaminants do not pose the danger of an algae bloom, they are something we need to be concerned about, if we are concerned enough to be the type of people that give our dog filtered drinking water.

4. (Dog) Shampoo Is Expensive & I’d Prefer To Use Less
Unfiltered water makes it harder for shampoo to build up the lather needed to properly clean hair and fur, meaning more of it is needed per shower, meaning more of it needs to be bought.  I love my dog.  But I have no interest in buying more shampoo than is necessary.  Again, the same principle applies for people shampoo, too.

Clark The Clean Water Dog's Path of Destruction5. Look to the Left
The first image to the left is what happens when you wrap a bone and stick it under the tree.  The second image to the left is just another day in the life of Clark.
Clark The Clean Water Dog At The Dog Park
Our dog will never stop getting dirty and he’ll never stop being a present snoop.  A shower filter is a practical present that he needs (ie he won’t be the least bit interested in opening it) – and one that ensures we don’t flush him with potentially unhealthy contaminants when trying to keep him clean.  It occurs to me, that this may make a shower filter a perfect gift for any kid, as well (including the one we’re expecting.)

What do you think?  Is a shower filter a perfect Christmas gift for a dog or are we just spoiling Clark again?  Please feel free to share your thoughts below.

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