Creative Clean Water Crisis Cures: From Beer Pong To Ballpark Design

by admin on September 11, 2013

Beer Pong For Clean WaterMany Hitchcock films, Rope in particular, were unique in that they served the most violent content early.  The balance of the story laid out in these films, while dark, were known more for cleverness and creativity.

So let’s take a note from Hitchcock and start with this: the clean water crisis is very real. reports 780 million people lack access to an improved water source.  China faces a crisis of uneven water distribution that could severely impact the entire world.  And those that own a mobile phone outnumber people throughout the world with access to a toilet.

Lack of clean water access is a multi-pronged problem, meaning solutions to our clean water crisis will take imagination and creativity.  Fortunately, unlike clean water, creativity is never in short supply.  Below, are four of the more creative proposals I’ve seen:

1. Beer Pong For Clean Water
Beer pong, for those that don’t know, involves sinking ping pong balls in a collection of cups filled halfway with beer.  If your opponent sinks a ball you drink your beer – and the winner is the one with the most beer left at the end.  It’s loads of fun.

Beer pong’s more responsible cousin, water pong (same game, with water), was used as a clean water fundraising idea by the Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (ACS) at Missouri State University.  By hosting a tournament and charging entrance fees to 42 teams, with a total of 84 participants, the event this year raised more than $500 for the Children’s Safe Drinking Water Program.

Iceberg Chock Full of Clean Water2. Tow, Melt & Drink Drifting Icebergs
In the eyes of most, a large drifting iceberg signals danger.  But in the eyes of French engineer Georges Mougin, these drifting giants signal an opportunity to cure the thirst of the world.  Mougin’s “IceDream” project would move naturally drifting icebergs by using prevailing currents and winds to tow them where clean water is needed.  As you read this, an international team of water professionals is moving this idea closer to the realm of possibility.Target Field - MLB's Greenest Ballpark

3. Clean Water Sustainability At The Ballpark
It’s unfortunate that the Minnesota Twins will not even come close to playoff contention this year, for so many reasons.  But right near the top is the attention that this type of exposure brings to Target Field, commonly named MLB’s greenest ballpark.  Solutions developed by Pentair (full disclosure, a strategic partner of WaterFilters.NET) helped save 1,846,322 gallons of water in 2011-2012 by capturing, purifying and reusing rain water. Mona Dai - WaterFilters.NET Scholarship Winner

4. Future of Water Scholarship Proposals
A few months back, we launched our Future of Water scholarship program, asking students nationwide to share their thoughts on how to solve the clean water crisis.  Three remarkable ideas truly stood out – from San Jose State University student Jason Miller’s proposal for coordination of public/private partnerships to our winning solution from Duke University student Mona Dai’s proposal to leverage the power of existing cell phone charging stations.

Our first runner-up, Steve Hanson, is even seeing exposure for his solution to distribute clean water from areas of abundance to areas of need with coverage in the William Mitchell College of Law Student News.

For any student reading this, or anyone reading this that knows a student, our next scholarship program will launch soon.  And hint-hint – now may be the time to sharpen up your infographic skills.

What do you think of the creative clean water ideas above?  I’d love to hear what you think – or any solutions you would like to share.  Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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