Commercial Water Filters

by wfnblog on December 13, 2012

Do you ever wonder how restaurants usually have great water? They usually have a great filtration system! WaterFilters.Net offers a wide variety of commercial water filter systems to suit the needs of many different types of businesses.


Did you know that most offices also have filtration systems for their break rooms? Commercial water filtration is much easier than it seems. Many whole house filter cartridges can double for a commercial application. However, there may be other considerations. If you need filtered hot water, you should look into high temperature housings which have a maximum temperature of 165-180 degrees Fahrenheit. With high temperatures, it’s very important to get the correct size o-rings to seal the housing cap tight.

Stainless Steel Commercial Water Filter System

You can also find stainless steel filtration systems. These systems help to eliminate the threat of BPA leaching into your filtered water. Stainless steel systems can also operate at higher pressures which will give you faster flow rates. The cartridges used in any commercial system have as much variety as the whole house systems. Regardless of which high temperature filtration system you choose, you will still need another cool temperature water filter system with a separate faucet. By doing this, it will help extend the life of your cartridges in each system.


If you have any questions about commercial water filtration, give our customer service team a call at 888-801-7873 or email We look forward to helping you!

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