Chemical in Weed Killer Has Some Worried

by wfnblog on May 6, 2010

dandelion weedsA recent article in the Chicago Tribune highlights the danger of chemicals found in weed killer. The specific chemical cited in the article, atrazine, is an agricultural weed killer that is used heavily in the Midwest, according to the Tribune. What has officials concerned is that “most drinking water is tested for the chemical only four times a year—so rarely that worrisome spikes of the chemical likely go undetected,” according to the author.

Atrazine is one of the more commonly-detected contaminants in drinking water, and some studies have shown that exposure can be harmful to frogs and might be even more harmful to humans than previously thought, according to the paper.

What articles like this do is raise the concern of many who don’t keep close tabs on their drinking water. As consumers, we rely heavily on government officials and agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure our drinking water is free from contaminants—or at least free from enough of them where harm isn’t done.

However, as consumers and those who care for families, it’s important not to rely completely on others to make sure our drinking water is clean and safe. Options like water filters and reverse osmosis filtration systems can add important assurances that your water is as clean as possible.

In addition, some water test kits can even screen for particular contaminants, which is helpful if you live in an area that is more susceptible to certain chemicals than other areas of the country.

This story is a good reminder about taking the health and safety of your drinking water into your own hands and providing your family with the most effective and affordable solutions available.

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