Three Reasons To Buy Water Filters On eBay Cautiously (If At All)

by Jamin Arvig on August 13, 2013

Drinking Filtered WaterI love eBay. Why wouldn’t I? With eBay, you can find nearly anything in the world you could ever possibly want – from rare bluegrass records to the vintage kids toys you used to play with that your kids just need to have. (Rubik’s Cubes count as vintage now, right?)

But just because I love and advocate for eBay does not mean that I would advocate it as the best source to buy water filters.  As the founder of an online water filters retailer, I certainly understand that I am not an unbiased resource in this arena.  Especially since I linked you to my ecommerce site earlier in this very paragraph. On that note, I’m going to keep my three reasons for buying water filters on eBay cautiously, if at all, specific to feedback I’ve heard from my customers over the years.

Note that I am not going to call out any particular water filters sellers on eBay, but each of these stories can be tied back to sellers that were very highly rated – and in all likelihood – had no ill intent.

Maytag UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter

1.     Incomplete or Non-Dependable Specs
Quite simply, water filters part numbers can frequently change, meaning a new part number is needed to replace a used up old filter.  This naturally results in one filter being the replacement for dozens of parts.  For just one example, check out the ‘Replacements’ tab on our page for the Maytag UKF8001 Refrigerator Filter, one of our higher volume products.  I think it’s very unlikely that an eBay seller would intentionally mislead a buyer and send them a water filter that does not sync up with their needs.  But I completely believe, and have seen, highly rated sellers that simply do not specialize in this area fall victim to part number change confusion.

2.     Water Filter Sellers Do Not Always Equal Water Specialists
Very similar to the reason above, but this goes beyond simple part number confusion.  The Water Quality Association (WQA) provides very specific details regarding what claims we can or can’t make regarding water filters – based on the information provided by the manufacturer.

Someone selling a water filter on eBay that does not specialize in this area may make false or misleading claims based not on malice, but just a lack of knowledge.  What this means for you is that you may purchase water filter that isn’t designed to meet the needs of your particular water situation.

3.     Returned Or Damaged Products Are Far More Common Than You Think Sometimes, it’s only a small step from acting in the best interests of your business to maliciously ignoring the needs of your customers.  It may make good business sense to resell products that have been returned.  It may even make good business sense to sell damaged products at a discount.  But both instances pose a risk, albeit small, that the water filter being sold is defective or subpar in one way or another.  And when there is even a small risk of selling a product that will impact the quality or safety of someone’s drinking water, this for me is the definition of malicious.

Again, I’m not an unbiased resource when it comes to water filters.  But I am passionate towards water quality and safety – and have always operated my business with that mindset.  And based on the feedback I’ve heard from my customers, I just can’t definitively say that all those selling water filters on eBay conduct their business with the same philosophy.

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Jamin Arvig

Jamin Arvig

In 2002, Jamin Arvig founded WaterFilters.NET from his small college apartment. Just over ten years later, his company has doubled in revenue each year, grown into a multi-year honoree on the Inc. 5000, and become the online consumer’s first choice for water filters and water filtration technology. Jamin's success with WaterFilters.NET can be seen through coverage in publications ranging from the Minneapolis Star Tribune to the Wall Street Journal, its consistent ‘Excellent’ status from customer service ratings provider STELLAService, frequent appearances in Best Places to Work lists and in the pages of Upsize Minnesota who recently named the company Business Builder of the Year. Jamin also helps to ensure that WaterFilters.NET supports its core value of charitable giving by making significant contributions from its profits to various water-related charities. Posts from Jamin are contributed regularly to this blog.

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Nancy August 15, 2013 at 5:22 pm

Although there are many sellers on ebay that may not be trustworthy, one way you can tell if the company you are ordering from is a good reliable source, is check their website. If they have a website, they are usually a good reliable company. Unless the website is something thrown up on wordpress or some kind of site that is thrown together.


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