Drinking Water News You Need: Latest On West Virginia Water Contamination, More Trouble For Chris Christie & The Secret For Great Tasting Coffee Is A Great Water Filter

by admin on January 17, 2014

It’s still scary.  The West Virginia water contamination incident.  While it may seem that most zones have been cleared, with tap water officially declared ‘safe,’ water quality issues – ranging from discoloration, to odor, to off-flavors – may last for quite some time.  And most frustrating about all of this, as we shared yesterday, is that the human health impacts of MCHM – the chemical that spilled into West Virginia’s Elk River – are unknown.

No doubt, this is what is going through the mind of Crystal Good, a West Virginia mom who is still not comfortable drinking or using her tap water.  See Crystal’s story above, and more on the West Virginia water contamination incident, in our stories below.

In Other Drinking Water News:

The Latest on West Virginia’s Water Contamination Incident

Freedom Industries Facility

Freedom Industries Facility

Media outlets, including our own blog and social channels, have been flooded with stories this week about the chemical spill and water contamination incident in West Virginia.

Some of the latest headlines include stories on water samples being taken to test for MCHM in Cincinnati, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky.   While Cincinnati officials are not detecting MCHM in their water supply, Louisville residents are being instructed to ‘trust their nose.’

Erin BrockovichNPR, meanwhile, reports that pregnant women are being warned not to drink the water until 100% of MCHM is clear, while long-time activist Erin Brockovich is using this story to draw attention to the need for greater corporate responsibility.

More will likely break in relation to this story, and we will continue to do our best to share the most critical information on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

Do Iowans Play Russian Roulette With Their Drinking Water?
While a new and unprecedented water event plagues West Virginia, Citizens for a Healthy Iowa are helping to ensure ‘more of the same’ stops happening in Iowa.  The group has released a 30-second TV spot asking that the state legislature hold Iowa farms accountable for clean water and help to eliminate water quality issues common with run-off.  You can see this video in the story above.

Chris Christie In Trouble Over Water BillDelay on Water Quality Bill Gets Chris Christie In More Trouble
Times remained tough for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie this week as he signed into law a new bill that could significantly and negatively impact water quality in the state by extending sewer lines into environmentally sensitive areas.  While Christie struggles to recover from ‘Bridgegate,’ this latest incident could put the state at odds with the EPA.  Learn more in the coverage above.

Wishes Extended To Family of Former WQA Board of Governors President Douglas White
After a long illness, former president of the Water Quality Association (WQA) Douglas White passed away this week.  White was on the board of directors from 2004 to 2010, serving as president from 2008 to 2009.  Good wishes from the entire team at WaterFilters.NET are extended to White’s family.

Water Treatment For DummiesGet Water Treatment For Dummies
To help ensure consumers like you are able to effectively select the most cost-effective and highest performing water treatment systems available, the Healthy House Institute (HHI) and Water Quality Association (WQA) released Water Treatment for Dummies earlier this week.  If you are ever looking for the best advice when selecting water treatment equipment, remember that you are always invited to call our customer service team directly at 1-888-801-PURE (7873.)

Kenyan Child Gets Clean Drinking WaterClean Drinking Water Provided For More Than 19,000 Orphans
Organization Food for the Hungry (FH) receives our congratulations this week as they helped get clean water to 19,032 children suffering through Kenya’s worst drought in more than 60 years.  Relief was provided as part of the Maji Bora project, began in 2011.  Learn more in Food for the Hungry’s release, above.

Coffee Making Musts Include A Great Water FilterWant Great Coffee? Get A Great Water Filter
“Brewing coffee is like cooking,” says Andrew Tolley, co-founder of the independent coffee shop Taylor Street Baristas in London. “Just follow the recipe.” The critical elements are good coffee, properly ground beans and FILTERED WATER”, he says. [Ed. Note – emphasis on FILTERED WATER is our own.]

Water Filtration Product of the Week: Filtered Water Bottles

Brita Water Filter BottleMore than anything, we would love to offer something in this week’s section that could offer more help to West Virginia residents still dealing with water contamination.  But as we noted in yesterday’s post, there is nothing we offer that we can definitively say will filter MCHM from drinking water, because no one truly knows enough about this compound.

So instead, let’s focus on what’s likely in the hands and fridges of most residents: filtered water bottles.  As West Virginia National Guard members set-up water distribution centers last week, some of which will be offered again this weekend, residents were instructed to bring their own vessels to carry the water.

When that water is brought home, pouring it into a filtered water bottle, like the Brita Blue Filtered Water Bottle pictured, can help bring a little bit of normalcy back into residents lives by providing clean tasting drinking water in the midst of this crisis.  Sometimes, every little bit can help.

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