Air Pollution and Its Effects on Water

by wfnblog on January 1, 2007

Air Pollution Contributors
We all know the damage pollution has on our environment. We sometimes feel that we walk around in a haze because of all the smog we breathe in every day. It’s becoming more and more of a concern and we need to be aware and take action. Air pollution has a lot of contributors. It’s hard to say which is most damaging, because when you combine them all together, they have a major negative effect. As mentioned earlier, there are many contributors to air pollution, but the main sources are traffic, industries, agriculture and energy generation. These are all caused by human activities. Air pollution is also caused by natural sources. These would include volcano eruptions, dust storms and emissions from plants. Air pollution is sometimes harder to see than pollution on the earth, but by breathing in the smog and seeing the haze in the cities, we know it’s there. What we might not know about air pollution is that it affects the water as well.

Air Pollution Damages Water
Air pollution is most associated with humans breathing in bad air. While this is very concerning, it does not stop with the air that we breathe. Pollution in the air has its toll on our water. When we hear about polluted water sources, we think of oil spills, trash and other waste materials being dumped into them. We do not stop to think that it could be polluted because of our polluted air. Just like air pollution can make its way into our lungs, it also makes its way into rivers, streams and lakes. How can polluted air pollute our water? It can happen in a number of ways. As hard as it may be to believe, dry particles actually fall from the sky and land in the water. Another way it can pollute is by way of snowflakes, raindrops or fog. Pollutants are trapped in these liquid forms and land in our water. Some of these pollutants consist of nitrogen compounds, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides and mercury.

How to Help
We all want to live in a clean and safe environment. Why is it then, that the thought of recycling or waiting until we find a trash can to throw our garbage away is too much work? We know that if we continue to trash our environment whether it is polluting the air, earth or water, people in the future will have a less than desirable place to live. Sometimes we just think of the present and think it is okay now, so why bother taking action for the future. If everyone had that attitude, our world would be in chaos. It is time to step up and do something about our current issues with pollution. Cutting down on the use of fossil fuels will have the biggest impact on reducing pollutants in the air. There are other ways we can help. These are things we are all aware of such as walking or riding your bike instead of using your car. Not only will this cut back on pollution, but it will give us the much needed exercise we so desperately need. If it is too far to bike or walk, use public transportation. Just think, there may be 20 other people on that bus, and if they all drove their own cars, that would just add that much more pollution to the air. If we can do little steps they will become noticeable. The problem with our society today is that we need instant gratification. If we do not see instant results, we do not do it. We need to change our views on how we can help and just remember that if we all do little steps, it will have a great impact as a whole.


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