5 Water Charity Ideas That Inspire Action

by Jamin Arvig on August 27, 2013

Tiffany Shatley - Sweet & Savory Co-Owner and Wine For Water Supporter

A significant portion of our yearly profit is donated to one or more of the water charity causes we support.  And every post on this blog, whether touting the virtues of a good shower filter or helping you select home brew filtration equipment, is meant to make you think more about how water impacts every part of your daily life – whoever you are.

Developing these water-based connections, between brands, charities and lifestyles – makes me extremely proud of the work that our company does.  Discovering these same types of connections launched by others inspires me – and makes me confident that an end to the world’s water crisis is always in sight.

Below, please find recent water-based connections between brands, charities and lifestyles that I find particularly inspiring:

1. Giving Up The Glass
Tiffany Shatley, pictured above, is part-owner of Sweet & Savory, an American style restaurant in West Jefferson, NC.  Partnering with water charity Wine to Water, Shatley’s restaurant hosted events in June and August asking patrons to give up a glass of tea, coffee or soda and drink only water –  and asked that the customer donate their savings to the water charity.  Over $1,500 was raised during these events.  The reason I love these types of ideas is because they tie-in so naturally to both the restaurant and charity’s brand – helping to create a positive and permanent connection in a customer’s mind.

2. Chicago Walk For Charity Event
Earlier this month, and back in Chicago, Living Water International hosted its Walk For Water event where participants walk 1.5 miles before collecting water in gallon jugs, then walk back 1.5 miles back carrying the water.  To some, this may sound like a good workout. To those in developing countries, this would sound like just another day.  Walking a mile in someone’s shoes, or in this case three, is one of the more effective ways to inspire action.  Thanks to the blog, Making Time for Mommy, for sharing this event.

Great Chicago Fire Hydrant by 2013 Lollapalooza Musicians

3. Fire Hydrant Tribute To Firefighters
The Culligan blog actually shared this one.  On September 11th, Culligan will be sponsoring the public art exhibition called the Great Chicago Fire Hydrants.  Through November, five foot tall structures will appear throughout the city to bring awareness to fire-related charities.  The hydrant to the left was designed by musicians performing at this year’s Lollapalooza. While this may not tie in to a clean water charity, it does underline the fact that water is a true common denominator.

4. Water Is Life Traveling Student Art Exhibit
Earlier this summer, Central Basin Municipal Water District in California sponsored this water conservation poster contest for students in grades 4 – 8.  Events like this both support historically underfunded school arts programs, but also make me confident that we will effectively pass the water conservation reins to the next generation.

5. Charity Porn: Sell Programs, Not People
The name refers to a proposed session by Water For People at South by Southwest 2014.  The name makes me a bit uncomfortable, too. But the idea is breakthrough stuff.  From the proposed session abstract:

“A girl named Diana walks 4 hours a day to get clean water. You’re then told your $20 donation will change her life. But does $20 really change a life? No. These simple messages create short-term engagement, but in the long-term actually hurt the cause: selling a person’s story of tragedy and triumph rather than the work and solutions needed to really solve the crisis.”

This session still must be voted in to the conference – and I encourage you to help make this happen at the link below:

There are dozens more water charity ideas I could have mentioned, and I look forward to writing up a sequel to this post soon. Leave a comment and let me know what water charity ideas inspired you into action and I’ll try to include them in my next post.

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Jamin Arvig

Jamin Arvig

In 2002, Jamin Arvig founded WaterFilters.NET from his small college apartment. Just over ten years later, his company has doubled in revenue each year, grown into a multi-year honoree on the Inc. 5000, and become the online consumer’s first choice for water filters and water filtration technology. Jamin's success with WaterFilters.NET can be seen through coverage in publications ranging from the Minneapolis Star Tribune to the Wall Street Journal, its consistent ‘Excellent’ status from customer service ratings provider STELLAService, frequent appearances in Best Places to Work lists and in the pages of Upsize Minnesota who recently named the company Business Builder of the Year. Jamin also helps to ensure that WaterFilters.NET supports its core value of charitable giving by making significant contributions from its profits to various water-related charities. Posts from Jamin are contributed regularly to this blog.

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