5 Water Filter Claims That Scream ‘Scam!’

by admin on October 24, 2013

Water Filter Scams Are ScaryIt’s late October. A knock is heard at your door.  You open it to the face of an ominous looking individual who is there to both frighten you and demand some type of reward for the privilege.  A treat, if you will.  And when they leave, you’ll find yourself lighter in the wallet than you would have liked.

I’m talking, of course, about water filter scammers.

As we become accustomed to mild terror during the Halloween season, many of the more unscrupulous in the water filters industry will replicate a Trick or Treat playbook to separate you from your hard-earned cash.

If you find yourself in a high-pressure water filter sales situation, especially one happening on your front porch, here are five claims that should have you screaming ‘scam’:

1. Reduces 100% of Contaminants!
Here’s the deal with any type of water filter or filtration product.  It will give you a far cleaner tasting glass of water – by far – than if you were to go without.  Depending on the type of filter and certification, it will remove nearly all of the contaminants (that it claims on its packaging) that can cause everything from odors, to off flavors to long-term health issues.

But 100% is a very definitive statement – and it’s one that any honest water filter rep will catch themselves if they ever say it out loud.  A good water filter will reduce stated contaminants by 99.99%.  While this is just a shade off from 100%, it’s a shade that honest water filter companies have no problem playing in.

2. We’re Here From The City To Test Your Water
This water filter scam has been covered on this blog before, and like before, it’s boggling that some can still get away with this.

The scam goes like this.  The scammer tells you they are from the city to test your water.  They enter your home to grab a sample and return a few days later with the results.  They’re never good – and before you know it – you may sign the dotted line on a water filtration system you simply don’t need.

This scam has been reported worldwide, even within the last year in the Twin Cities (Note: WaterFilters.NET’s home base!) It continues to work because scam artists are very good at what they do.
So how can you know definitively that you’re dealing with a scammer?

Culligan TK-2 Water Test Kit3. ‘There’s Just A Small Water Testing Fee Up Front’
Once that scammer convinces you that your drinking water may in fact be poison, it’s not out of line for them to ask you for a very small water testing fee up front.  After all, it’s not like you can buy an accurate drinking water test kit for less than $10, right?  Unless, of course, you look to your left and click on the Culligan water test kit image.

In fairness, our company also offers more expensive water test kits, which may be necessary in areas with well documented water quality issues.  And sometimes cities or townships will charge for water testing, especially if you are relying on well water.  But it would be highly unlikely that any city rep would cold call you to test your water – or charge you an excessive fee for a routine test.

4. Any Sales Pitch In the Thousands
Speaking of excessive, should these scammers try to pitch you a water filter system, you can almost guarantee it will be in the thousands.  They will put you at ease, assuring you that this is a small price to pay for the health of your family.

We agree with the sentiment that there is no price too large when it comes to protecting your family from waterborne contaminants or health issues.   That’s why we’re in the water filters business, too, after all.  But one of the more advanced and expensive systems we offer, the Evolution Tankless Reverse Osmosis System will only run you about $700.  Most of our customers get by just great with filters or systems that are a fraction of that price – think Brita pitchers and up.  If someone tries to tell you that it will cost thousands to filter your water – seriously – slam the door.

Evolution Tankless Reverse Osmosis System5. Any Statement That Leaves You Terrified
Contamination of drinking water can be a very scary thing.  A good share of the world’s population, in fact, deals with water quality issues that are life threatening every day.  It’s why we give a portion of our profits to organizations like charity: water.

But those that can only sell you a filter by terrifying you are perverting one basic truth:  drinking water through much of America, unless pulled from a private well, is a product to be refined rather than overhauled.  What’s in your drinking water are chemicals and contaminants that may lead to off flavors, odors – and yes – maybe some long-term health issues.  A water filter will give you a cleaner tasting product that may be healthier in the long run.  But your water is, in all likelihood, not poison.  Not even close.   Anyone that would try to tell you something different has only their own interests at heart.  And in the water filters business, that’s a very scary thing.

Have you had to sit through any water filter scam pitches?  If so, I encourage you to share your stories via a comment below.

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Mark April 22, 2016 at 3:05 am

A couple days ago, the guy came with his little test kit. My mom had filled out a “free water test offered by the state,” post card. When the guy was obviously not a state employee, he said that they were so busy, the state enlisted local well testers for the job. He did a legitimate pH test, and put some white powder in another sample that didn’t dissolve. After shaking the tube, he let it settle out, and said, “Just as I suspected, a quarter inch of sediment.” (It was only later I remembered seeing him scoop in the white powder, and that it didn’t dissolve). He used all the scare tactics, prefaced with, “I can’t guarantee this is true of your water, but…”. My mom knew there was something wrong, but everything went so fast. The reverse osmosis system was installed “wet” in 15min. after we signed on the dotted line for $1800. We feel helpless, and raped. He made all kinds of promises, none of which is in writing (except hooking it up to an ice maker at a later date). After reading your article, I know we were royally screwed.


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