10 Reasons to Drink More Water – National Drinking Water Week (Part 2)

by wfnblog on May 8, 2012

WaterFilters.NET celebrates National Drinking Water WeekWe all know that water is essential for life. But let’s face it. Something so basic can also seem soooo boring. Far from it! Water has got a lot going for it. So drink up! And here’s why:

  • Drinking water can make you smarter. Scientific studies conducted in England indicate that students who carry a fresh supply of drinking water with them into their exams can score up to 10% better on their tests. Staying well-hydrated boosts your brain’s ability to concentrate.
  • Drinking water can make you more energetic. Every system in your body is dependent on water to function. Your brain especially requires significant levels of water, as anyone who has ever experienced dehydration knows, with its symptoms of dizziness and sluggishness. In fact, the brain is composed of almost 80% water. Water will help you stay awake and alert. And if drinking a glass of water doesn’t reenergize you, perhaps this funny little video will inspire you instead.
  • Drinking water can make you more adventurous. Ready to go mountain climbing or hiking in the backcountry? Don’t even think about strapping a 24-pack of soda pop to your backpack. Instead, go equipped with a lightweight camping filter. A reliable source of fresh, clean water will allow you to go anywhere you can imagine.
  • Drinking water can keep you younger. At the very least, it can keep you looking and feeling younger. Among its many potential anti-aging benefits, drinking plenty of water will keep your skin soft and supple. Water can benefit your skin’s collagen and elastin. Water can also help boost cell repair, and keep your epidermis rejuvenated.
  • Drinking water can make you stronger. Taking another big sip from your sports bottle won’t necessarily build more muscle by itself. But drinking more water is part of an overall strategy to keep your muscles in peak condition. Dehydration can have a detrimental effect on your muscles’ ability to repair tissue and replenish energy. So be sure to keep filling up your bottle and you’ll feel the difference in your workouts.
  • Drinking water can make you better looking. In addition to younger looking skin and more resilient muscles, drinking more water will likely mean less sugary drinks. That translates into fewer cavities, and a more vibrant smile. Overall, water can help you look better and feel better, with improved complexion, leaner muscles and a brighter smile. That’s enough to make people sit up and take notice!
  • Drinking water can make you slimmer. Any sensible weight loss plan will include drinking plenty of water, according to numerous studies. The precise reasons why drinking more water promotes shedding pounds remains unknown. It is likely, however, that consuming extra water contributes to a “full” sensation, encouraging dieters to eat less. Drinking more water may even boost your metabolism.
  • Drinking water can make you healthier. Water helps flush out toxins that might otherwise accumulate in your body’s tissues and organs. It seems Mom was right when she told you to drink plenty of liquids, especially during cold and flu season. Drinking water boosts the optimum functioning of your immune system.
  • Drinking water can make you wealthier. Drinking more of it could save you some serious cash. A refreshing glass of pure ice water is better for you (and for your wallet) than a fancy $4 latte. Buying bottled water at the store also costs more than filtering water at home. Reverse osmosis filtration is highly effective in producing quality, contaminant-free water–and it costs pennies per gallon. Americans spend more than 15 million dollars each year on the bottled stuff.
  • Drinking water can make you a better person. At the very least, keeping it simple with filtered tap water will raise your environmental awareness. Plastic bottles clutter our landfills. Meanwhile, about a billion people on the planet lack basic access to clean, safe water. You can do your part. The money you save on filtering your own water can support charities doing vital work  with our world’s water resources.


Okay, so maybe drinking water cannot make everything better. It is clear, however, that water is an essential component to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Be sure to check out some of our other blog articles for more great ideas about how water can help make a whole new you.

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