5 Reasons My Dog Drinks Filtered Water

by admin on August 26, 2014

This Dog Drinks Filtered Water[Did you know that today is National Dog Day?

Launched 10 years ago, today is a day to “recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, and acknowledge the family dogs and dogs that work selflessly each day to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort.”

For us, comfort means ensuring that our dogs only drink the cleanest water – or, in other words – drink the same quality of water as everyone else in their home.

With that, we felt it was time to revisit the post below, sharing 5 reasons why Clark – pictured above – only drinks filtered water in his home. click to continue reading


If its football pre-season, we can depend on conversations becoming arguments, as we begin to analyze every last move of our favorite teams and players.  In Texas, these conversations take on a whole new life as they seemingly happen at every field, at every level, and with players of every age.  While we love to take part in speculative summer football conversations as much as anyone, the one conversation we don’t want over-shadowed is the importance of hydration during pre-season football practice at any level.

Years back, Korey Stringer, from our own Minnesota Vikings, fell victim to dehydration during an intense pre-season practice.  click to continue reading


Water Processing PlantEarlier this year, Los Angeles began disinfecting its drinking water with chloramine rather than the chlorine it had used for decades.  You can read more about it by visiting Southern California Public Radio 89.3 KPCC or our coverage in a recent Drinking Water News post.

With such a large municipality making a switch in the chemical used to make its water drinkable, you may be lulled into thinking that chloramine disinfection is a newer tactic.  In reality, chloramine has been used in many municipalities as far back as 1917 according to information provided by Illinois American Water.

Regardless, since the switch in LA, our customer service team has received a steady stream of questions regarding the use of chloramine in water.  click to continue reading


This past weekend was an unpleasant one in Toledo, Ohio as a drinking water ban impacted the lives of nearly 400,000 residents.  Caused by an algae bloom in Lake Erie, this is one of the larger recent drinking water bans this country has experienced, and comes relatively hot on the heels of January’s MCHM contamination incident in West Virginia.

In the video above and corresponding article, you’ll see the next steps you should take if you are a resident of Ohio, or any region dealing with a future drinking water ban.  You will also hear from Toledo’s Director of Public Utilities Ed Moore, who urges residents to conserve water in these early recovery stages, and mayor Michael Collins who hopes the scale of this incident helps ‘take the politics out of it’ when it comes to passing regulation designed to protect our resources. click to continue reading


Water Filter For Camping[Late last month, we probably bummed a fair number of you out by reminding you that Back To School season is just around the corner.

While true, there’s still plenty of time left to get in one last excursion into the Great Outdoors before classes start.  We encourage you to get out there, and of course, encourage you to stay hydrated and stay safe. 

Below, we revisit a post from late last year sharing some of our team’s favorite filters for camping, hiking, surviving or prepping.] 

Over the last few years, you’d need to be sleeping under a rock every night to miss two fairly large pop culture tidal waves: zombies and doomsday prepping.  click to continue reading

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An unfortunate truth is that water pollution will always exist, in some way, shape or form.  As such, it’s critical that we commit to creating the types of solutions most suitable to do battle with this never-ending issue. In Maryland, one such invention is proving its worth as just such a solution.

Created by scientist John Kellet, the Water Wheel is a wheel connected to a conveyor belt that looks similar to an actual mill house.  Using a debris raking system, the Water Wheel lifts trash and debris out of the water, using power from only the water that flows through it and a solar generator.  click to continue reading


WQA LogoWhile our operation may have been humble, our dedication was anything but.

In 2002, I launched WaterFilters.NET from my smallish college apartment.  Our water filter inventory took up space nicely behind my sofa.  After some measure of success, our business grew to necessitate the inclusion of a warehouse.  So naturally, I bought a van.  It was like a warehouse with wheels!

At the time, our focus was not to just operate a water filters company.  Rather, we were out to build an organization committed to a set of core values and an elegant mission to ensure everyone throughout the world had access to clean and safe drinking water.  click to continue reading


California’s unprecedented drought conditions generated two stories last week, each illustrating a different extreme when it comes to conserving the area’s water.

First up, in the video above, CBS Local out of San Francisco shares more on the efforts of state officials to crack down on water wasters.

Activities such as excessive lawn watering, washing cars without a hose shut-off nozzle or spraying down sidewalks and driveways could result in fines of up to $500.  In addition to relying on the word of watchful neighbors, officials have empowered any public worker (including dog catchers, as the story suggests) to write tickets to those found using an excessive amount of water. click to continue reading


4 Drinking Water Tips To Avoid Back To School Headaches

by Tyler Ringeisen on July 17, 2014

Drinking Water Will Get This Kid Out of Bed[Last year, we published this post sharing how clean drinking water can help you avoid the back to school headaches that have become all to common.

With another school year racing towards us fast, it seemed a good time to revisit some of these tips to ensure this school year is filled with as much happiness and hydration as possible!]

Summer is coming to an end, which is always a sad time.  Until you realize that your kids are finally getting back to school – and getting out of your hair.

But with back to school relief come back to school headaches, from rousing ‘just so tired’ kids out of bed – to becoming a de-facto nurse or human lie detector when they swear that they’re too sick to make it through the day. click to continue reading

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“Clean water supports our very existence and connects us with every living thing on Earth.”

The quote above comes from Dr. Shelley Lynch, who along with her partner Roy Desjarlais, owns a massage and counseling practice near Palm Beach Gardens in Florida.  Compelled to action by the reported loss of Floridian sea life due to water pollution over the last year – including 111 manatees, 46 dolphins and 300 birds – the couple organized the Float For Life in Fort Myers Beach last week.

As shown in the video above, the event attracted dozens of like-minded residents who sought to create the world’s biggest ‘human float’ in an effort to drive clean water awareness. click to continue reading