4 Drinking Water Tips To Avoid Back To School Headaches

by Tyler Ringeisen on July 17, 2014

Drinking Water Will Get This Kid Out of Bed[Last year, we published this post sharing how clean drinking water can help you avoid the back to school headaches that have become all to common.

With another school year racing towards us fast, it seemed a good time to revisit some of these tips to ensure this school year is filled with as much happiness and hydration as possible!]

Summer is coming to an end, which is always a sad time.  Until you realize that your kids are finally getting back to school – and getting out of your hair.

But with back to school relief come back to school headaches, from rousing ‘just so tired’ kids out of bed – to becoming a de-facto nurse or human lie detector when they swear that they’re too sick to make it through the day. click to continue reading


“Clean water supports our very existence and connects us with every living thing on Earth.”

The quote above comes from Dr. Shelley Lynch, who along with her partner Roy Desjarlais, owns a massage and counseling practice near Palm Beach Gardens in Florida.  Compelled to action by the reported loss of Floridian sea life due to water pollution over the last year – including 111 manatees, 46 dolphins and 300 birds – the couple organized the Float For Life in Fort Myers Beach last week.

As shown in the video above, the event attracted dozens of like-minded residents who sought to create the world’s biggest ‘human float’ in an effort to drive clean water awareness. click to continue reading


2014 All Star Game[Today kicks off a big week in our home base of Minnesota as Major League Baseball's All Star Game, and corresponding festivities, blow into town.

This is exciting, both because the eyes of the world will be trained on our backyard, but also because WaterFilters.NET has a unique connection to this game.

When the Minnesota Twins built Target Field, they built what is still the most sustainable ballpark in the league, due in large part to a custom Rain Water Recycle System provided by Pentair.  Pentair, a Minneapolis, MN-based company, just happens to be one of our strategic partners - and we are happy to carry several of their commercial and residential Pentek filtration products. click to continue reading

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Stay Hydrated This Holiday WeekendIndependence Day brings us to that part of summer that isn’t quite the kickoff, yet is still a considerable ways off from the ‘dog days.’  We could say, however, that in addition to a time to reflect on our Independence, the 4th of July is a time to reflect on just what type of toll hot weather can take on our bodies – specifically and sneakily – dehydration. click to continue reading


Golden retriever in the sea[Tragically, the death of a dog in St. Paul, Minnesota this week was blamed on blue-green algae.  Last year, we published the post below, sharing instructions from the California Department of Public Health indicating what you should do whether your child or pet makes their way into this toxic water.

With this week's news, and algae bloom season in full swing, it seemed a good time to revisit the post below.  We encourage all parents and pet owners to read and bookmark this post, so it's easily accessible when needed.] click to continue reading


Boil Water Alert In Wake ForestWas a recent boil water alert too little, too late for Wake Forest residents?  That’s what some are suggesting in the video linked to from the image to the left. click to continue reading


Star Tribune Top Workplaces 2014When I first started this company more than ten years ago, I can safely say that all employees considered it a top workplace.  That said, considering it was only myself and a few dedicated family members, it wasn’t the most difficult award to achieve.  An honor more difficult to achieve, and far more notable, was found in yesterday’s local newspaper.

The Star Tribune, the paper of record in Minneapolis, MN, has named WaterFilters.NET a 2014 National Standard Setter in its annual Top Workplaces feature. click to continue reading


WSLS 10 NBC in Roanoke/Lynchburg Va

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A Classic Dad Deserves A Classic Gift - Like Clean Drinking Water!This week, we celebrate the gift of dads and other significant father figures in our lives.

For nearly all us, this means thinking of the most thoughtful gifts we can give to those who helped raise us into the people we became.  For most of us, this also means running into a huge ‘gift block.’

So for anyone that hasn’t picked up the perfect Father’s Day gift yet, we’re here to give you some great ideas from our store, all of which will help ensure your dad uses, serves and drinks the cleanest tasting drinking water possible in his home. click to continue reading